Savannahna Lion is a pet accompanying Banana Cookie that was released in Kakao Cookie Run near the end of June and the end of September in LINE Cookie Run.

Skill Edit

Launches Banana Face at a given interval and destroys obstacles. Banana Face leaves traces of Coins behind.


Highlight of a circus? Savannahna Lion's Body Split Show of course! But what's frightening is that it doesn't seem like an illusion trick...


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Shoots every 5 seconds N/A
Shoots every 4.85 seconds Coin 001 29,000
Shoots every 4.7 seconds Coin 001 31,000
Shoots every 4.55 seconds Coin 001 34,000
Shoots every 4.4 seconds Coin 001 36,000
Shoots every 4.24 seconds Coin 001 38,000
Shoots every 4.1 seconds Coin 001 47,000
Shoots every 4 seconds Coin 001 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Banana Cookie
Banana Cookie (S) 10% Coin Bonus

Notes Edit

  • The coin it produces repeats a certain pattern
    • First, second, and third launch: Silver coin trail + Gold coin at the end
    • Fourth launch: Silver coin trail + Giant Gold coin at the end
  • The Savannahna Lion is one of the pets with the shortest cooldown timers at 4 seconds when fully upgraded. The only other pets that has even shorter cooldowns are Cheeseberry (1 second), Fluffy Cheese Cat (~1 second late in the run), Hat of Santa (2 seconds), Bean Drop Duo (2.2 seconds) and Dust Unicorn and Drop of Choco at 3 seconds. Mocha Delight, Coin Scale and Jelly Scale matches with 4 seconds, and all others are longer with Cozy Yarn topping out at 75 seconds.
  • Its effect might still occur when the cookie is reviving (stationary). When that's the case, it will eject the coins slightly backwards.

Trivia Edit

  • The name is a play on words of Savannah and banana, marking it as the second consecutive pet with a name that's a pun. The first is the Light Bros.
  • Savannahna Lion is the last pet to be released during the "Wrath of the Red Dragon" season.

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