Quote1 Let's skaaaaate... Quote2
―Skater Cookie

Skater Cookie (also known as Boarder Cookie in LINE Cookie Run) is an A-grade Cookie in LINE Cookie Run and a Common Cookie in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. He has the ability to move faster than standard cookies in both games.

Skill Edit

(LINE) Moves up to 35% faster.

(OvenBreak) A fast Cookie. Can run even faster with each Level Up.

Description Edit

(LINE) Inseparable with his limited edition Sugar Cane Board, Boarder Cookie lives on the fast lane. If crumbs are not flying around, it ain't fast enough. Not everyone can handle a Boarder Cookie, but if you dare to, prepare for a sweet ride.

(OvenBreak) The secret to Skater Cookie's speed and boarding skills lies in the special elasticity of his 'Cat Tail Candy Cane Board'. Inseparable with his 2009 limited edition board, he even sleeps on it too! Not everyone can handle Skater Cookie's speed, but if you dare, prepare for a sweet ride. Warning: Once you get a taste of Skater Cookie's speed, other Cookies may feel a bit slow.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
130 15% Base speed increase N/A
134 18% Base speed increase 17,000
138 21% Base speed increase 19,000
142 24% Base speed increase 21,000
146 27% Base speed increase 23,000
150 30% Base speed increase 25,000
150 32% Base speed increase 29,000
150 35% Base speed increase 35,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Pet Combi Bonus
Lucky Dice
Lucky Dice (A) Base speed 20% faster
Flowercopter (A) Lift from holes once
Rocket Firecracker
Rocket Firecracker (S) Energy drain 10% slower
Book of Wizdom
Book of Wizdom (S) Reduce 30% damage from crashing

Loading Messages Edit


  • Just wait and see how fast I can go...
  • Yo dude! Whazzup!
  • Let me show you some tricks!
  • Don't even try to stop me...
  • Finally! Let's go!
  • Let's skaaaaate...



  • Bored? Try skateboarding!

Loading MessagesEdit

  • Let me show you some tricks!
  • Finally! Let's go!
  • Just wait and see how fast I can go!
  • Yo, dude! Whassup?
  • Not now! Can't stop!
  • Catch me if you can!
  • Let's skateboard!!!
  • Yo, man!

1vs1 RaceEdit

  • I'll be waiting for you at the finish line!
  • There's no way I'll lose.
  • Catch me if you can!
  • You'll just slow me down.
  • Ha! Try to keep up.


  • Must... ride...

Updates Edit


  • In Cookie Run: OvenBreak, His old unlock requirement used to be reaching Level 3 before the Season 2 update.
  • Skater Cookie's 2018 April Fools Message was "This is the normal speed."


Audio GalleryEdit





Cookie Name in Other Languages Edit

  • Thai: ??
  • Japanese: スケーター味クッキー(Boarder/Skater Cookie)
  • Traditional Chinese: 滑板族餅乾
  • Korean: 보더맛 쿠키