Spotlight Fan is an S-grade Pet in LINE and a Rare Pet in OvenBreak that accompanies Rockstar Cookie.


(LINE) Shines a spotlight over Cookie to enable magnetic effect, ignore obstacles, and slow down Energy drain. (Magnetic field is not increased by other types of magnetic effect.)

(OvenBreak) Shines a spotlight on the Cookie at given intervals. During Spotlight Effect, Cookies can pass through obstacles, attract Jellies and their Energy drains slower. Level Up for more frequent Spotlight Effect.


(LINE) Brings out the best in every Cookie. When it shines over you, a wonderful vanilla scent is spread around too. If that's too much attention for you, just take a step back.

(OvenBreak) Spotlight Fan brings out the very best in every Cookie, making it a joy to run. When it shines above you, a warm vanilla fragrance fills the air around you. If all this attention is just too much to handle, step out from under the glowing spotlight.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
1 Every 21 sec, for 4 sec N/A
2 Every 20 sec, for 4 sec 29,000
3 Every 19 sec, for 4 sec 31,000
4 Every 18 sec, for 4 sec 34,000
5 Every 17 sec, for 4 sec 36,000
6 Every 16 sec, for 4 sec 38,000
7 Every 15 sec, for 4 sec 47,000
8 Every 14 sec, for 4 sec 56,000

 Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Rockstar Cookie
Rockstar Cookie (S) Extra points for Music Note Jelly

Updates (LINE)Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In LINE, this pet is the only pet that was released alone. Its combination Cookie had already been released two weeks before.
  • With six possible combinations, Spotlight Fan had the most possible Combi Bonuses along with Cherry Cookie.
  • Its name in Japanese is simply Spotlight (スポットライト).
  • In LINE, maxing out the pet will give you Spotlight Vanilla Bulb as a reward.