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―Newsletter on Sweet Rice Seal

Sweet Rice Seal is a pet that accompanies Red Bean Cookie.

Skill Edit

Rolls its body and earns points after collecting a certain number of Jellies

Description Edit

This little fellow likes to sit still and think ...and think ...and think. It thinks that because it thinks that it exists. When it thinks too much, it rolls over on its back and stops for a while to let some thoughts go.

Statistics Edit

Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Rolls after 150 Jellies N/A
Rolls after 140 Jellies 29,000
Rolls after 130 Jellies 31,000
Rolls after 120 Jellies 34,000
Rolls after 110 Jellies 36,000
Rolls after 100 Jellies 38,000
Rolls after 90 Jellies 47,000
Rolls after 80 Jellies 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Red Bean Cookie
Red Bean Cookie (S) Extra points for Fish Treat Jelly

Updates Edit

In the Wrath of the Red Dragon update, his combi with Red Bean Cookie has been changed from "Extra points for all jellies while riding" to "Extra points for Fish Treat Jelly".

Trivia Edit

  • Sweet Rice Seal was known as Rice Harp Seal until its formal release on LINE. 
  • When Sweet Rice Seal collects a certain number of jellies, it will either flop over or set itself up and remain that way until you collect some more, which will switch its pose.
    • Under the effects of a Magnet Jelly, even if Sweet Rice Seal collects enough jellies, it will not actually change poses. 
  • Every pet that 'eats' a Magnet Jelly will do a little static move, but Sweet Rice Seal does a full move when it is under the effect of the Magnetic Jelly. 
  • Interestingly, this pet was released alongside Red Bean Cookie 3 weeks after Macaron Cookie's release, instead of 2 weeks or 1 month.  

Gallery Edit

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