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    With the development of Wikia CSS and all other MediaWiki improvements, I am relaying some of the process, specifically, the voting submission process, to this thread instead of the main Featured Article. Since no one seem to bat an eye on the article despite being featured on the main page, I hope this can help more people (even anonymous people) to vote on which is the most suitable article to be featured on the next following month.

    I am simplifying the rule of the game. Instead of posting with complicated codes, which many casual visitors doesn't know how to make the correct input, you can just simply post your submission HERE in this thread and why it is worthy. All opinions are accepted (unless it's utterly stupid) and will be considered when we make the decision of what to put on the next following month.

    You may use any kind of template you want, but the template should not be not far from:

    [[Lime Cookie]]
    This article has a very deep information. It also has many visuals 
    that makes the article colorful.

    And, if you want to support and oppose someone's claim, you can quote on the original poster, and you can add "Support" or "Oppose". If you want, you can also state the reason why.

    Please do not use this as a means of argumentation between two sides (especially if it turned into unwanted verbal attacks). We want this to be as democratic as possible, where one's opinion is respected.

    So I guess that's all it takes to put submission and voice out your support! Happy voting!

    Oh, and also, admins have the final say as to what the next featured article would be.

    Submission Currently Active

    • Submissions for March's Featured Article (Ends Feb 29, 2016)

    Previously Featured Articles


    Revised in January 25, 2016
    • Article cannot have been featured previously.
    • Article must be written in third person and must be completely unbiased and retain consistent use of italics and bold.
    • Article must contain at least three images (excluding the game icons) with as high quality as possible, unless the topic is one that does not have any available images.
    • Article must have at least five paragraphs of factual, unbiased information, preferably more, unless the topic of the article does not have enough facts available to warrant them.
    • Templates used in the article must be identical to templates used in pages of the same category (for example, using the Cookie Infobox template correctly).
    • Article cannot contain Spoiler tag.
    • If released on LINE, article must cover the LINE version of Cookie Run.

    Articles nominated to be featured are considered that the article is good. Opinions on the subject of the article have no value in nominating. (For example, the Vampire Cookie can't be nominated because he can score lots of points or because he is popular.)

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