Try My Friend's Combination (not an official name) is a feature in Cookie Run first introduced during Season 3 of Cookie Run as an event, but since Season 4 it has became a permanent feature. Players can try their friend's high score combination, but all those earnings (coins, XP, and score) from trying will not be saved.

Current Set-up Edit

To start viewing, just click at the Friends button below the leaderboard. When you start trying, you will be given in a situation where all cookies and pets used have been upgraded to Level 8, all treasures to Level +9, and all boosts are given for free (including "Energy Drains 25% Slower" as the Random Boost). The Energy, Jellies and Bonus Time level will remain the same with each user's current level, not the friend whose combination is being tried.


  1. The scores and coins earned from a friend's combi will not be counted in your leaderboard. All coins and XP earned will not be saved.
  2. You can see every friend's combination, but you can only try for playing up to 3 friends ranked higher than yourself.
  3. Mystery Boxes will not appear.
  4. Missions and Events cannot be completed here.
  5. Players can try your friend's combination once per day (will reset at midnight GMT+9).


Immediately after each play, both you and your friend will receive GP 30 (for a maximum of GP 300 daily). Your friend will be noticed but they will not know who have tried playing their combination.

After trying for 10 times, you will be rewarded with a Lucky Draw box contains a random prize. After the box is opened, any previously played friend's combi can be replayed. A Lucky Draw Box usually contains one of these:

Note: Will check regarding the range for gift points

Appearance as Event Edit

Before Season 4 of Cookie Run, this is not a feature, instead it is previously introduced as a limited-time event. Those have been appeared twice:

  • 20 October - 3 November 2014, 5 p.m. (GMT+9) - Total 14 days
  • 17 November - 17 December 2014, 5 p.m. (GMT+9) - Total 30 days

Some differences during these events are:

  • There is a "Target Score" that they must reach. Usually the Target Score is your all-time high score multiplied by three, so each player will get a different Target Score. The score collected from trying your friend's combination will be collected into the Target Score. When the player had reached the Target Score, they will be rewarded with CookieRunCrystal 5. On the next day, a new Target Score will be given.
  • Players cannot try the combination from the same friend anymore during the event.
  • Players cannot try their friend's combi when this event is inactive they can only see their friend's combinations only.
  • Players can only claim reward at maximum 5 times (for a total of CookieRunCrystal 25).

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