Not to be confused with Tea Cup.

Uncooling Teacup is a pet that accompanies General Jujube Cookie.

Skill Edit

Earns extra points for destroying obstacles. Slower Energy drain.

Strategy Edit

Whenever you destroy an obstacle (either through a Giant, Blast or All-Coin Jelly, a Cookie or Pet's ability, or a treasure such as the Burning Heat Infused Jellyco), the Uncooling Teacup will give you about 30,000~35,000 points when fully upgraded. Your Energy will also drain 20% slower.

When paired with General Jujube Cookie, it generates more arrows and increases the points from destroyed obstacles by 20,000, bringing the total up to 50,000~55,000 points.


This pet is a very special gift received by General Jujube Cookie. One well-known story claims that before his tea cools, General Jujube Cookie can quickly destroy every obstacle that lies in his path. But, shhh... the secret to this trick is that this pet is self-heating.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Destruction Lv.1, Energy Drain ??% Slower N/A
Destruction Lv.2, Energy Drain ??% Slower 29,000
Destruction Lv.3, Energy Drain ??% Slower 31,000
Destruction Lv.4, Energy Drain ??% Slower 34,000
Destruction Lv.5, Energy Drain ??% Slower 36,000
Destruction Lv.6, Energy Drain ??% Slower 38,000
Destruction Lv.7, Energy Drain ??% Slower 47,000
Destruction Lv.8, Energy Drain 13% Slower 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Date Cookie
General Jujube Cookie (S) Extra points for Arrows Counts and Jujube Jelly

Trivia Edit

  • Uncooling Teacup is based on the design of the Yunomi.
  • Uncooling Teacup, along with Pink Candy, Fluffy Cheese Cat,Panda Dumpling,Brown Balloon and Cony Balloon are the only pets that does not have starry eyes when you are in Bonus Time - Uncooling Teacup has heart shaped eyes instead.
  • In history, the teacup did not contain tea. Instead, it contained hot wine, presumably hot rice wine.

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