First off, if you don't get what I mean, look into and note what you see. You'll see only Korean of course, but when you translate the text, you'll see something so surprising, so astonishing, so triggering that you'll wish this would have never happened.

Since this is going to happen, in memory of this service that has provided us with the Cookie Run merchandise we have heard of today, the Cookie Run Wiki would like to note down every item that the mall has provided to us since the year of its release. We are aware that the wiki is mainly focused on LINE Cookie Run, but even these players have heard of the merchandise, right? Even I myself have received three kinds of merch, all within the same year. I would like to thank Devsisters for that

Therefore, I would like to ask... will this be okay for you guys? Since Kakao Cookie Run is becoming more and more like LINE Cookie Run, I think this is fine for me, since making a separate Cookie Run Mall Wiki can be unnecessary (it will become inactive soon after all the information is inputted).

I will be starting this project today, because I want to gather as much information as possible before everything fades away.