Issue #6 - The Internet Special

CookieRunner October 2016 Issue

Published 18 October 2016

Welcome to Cookie Run Wiki's monthly newsletter, The CookieRunner! The CookieRunner is dedicated to giving out important updates on the game, as well as tips for the game, both in LINE and in Kakao. Yes, this newsletter will talk about Kakao stuff as well. But Kakao stuff will be limited to this newsletter, and nothing will be spread to the articles unless it's very important.

This newsletter will also be selecting fan art that we think is amazing and worthy enough to be featured here. Do you have any amazing fan art that we would like to see? Please comment down below! We would love to hear your suggestions.

Editor's Note
T And J Kids By T And J Kids
Poem of the Month

Cookie so hot
Cookie so hot it run away

It is that time of month again in which we have to go back to school. Ugh. Seems like I want summer to last forever, just like in Phineas and Ferb. Unfortunately, we have to carry on with our lives, and learn new ideas everyday. Which reminds me... physics...

And so to entertain ourselves, we have internet memes that will brighten up our day. Maybe they are annoying, but once you get the idea, you'll learn to love a particular meme. The internet is full of these memes, sometimes Cookie Run memes, and that's why we are discussing Cookie Run and the Internet this month. Would you rather be a fan of Cookie Run? Or would you fall for the traps the fandom has set out for you?

Do you know why we have sprite sheets? Or why the fandom always want sprite sheets in full HD? This month will provide an answer to the mystery of the uses of sprite sheets, and the reason why we always upload the sprite sheets in HD to the wiki.

This month was also the Chuseok holidays, a holiday that you will know if you play the Kakao version of Cookie Run. If you don't know, it's okay! Chuseok is a harvest festival in Korea that celebrates the Korean's good harvest. It is held on every 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon, hence the motif of the new Moon Rabbit Cookie. (And yes I got that sentence from Wikipedia.)

Oh, and one more thing to point out. September 23 was the release of Banana Cookie. Besides being the "birthday" of McWolf, which is just a stupid headcanon of mine, it is also a very important date. Nintendo was founded 127 years ago on that date, and... The Phantom of the Opera was first published in France on that date?! Hats off to this day for its many events then. You should have remembered that book, because Mint Choco Cookie and Cocoa Cookie's Halloween costumes were based off it. It should also be noted that September 23 is usually the day of the autumn equinox (spring equinox for you guys in the southern hemisphere).

However, it has come to our attention that, as of September 23, the official Cookie Run Facebook page will be discontinued. This is a big shock to the entire Cookie Run fandom, and even I feel the same way too. I first heard this news from BlackRobe199's recent blog post, and I was really shocked. What will be the fate of Devsisters and Cookie Run? Find out more in the next issue (despite being Halloween season).

Anyway, happy running! Don't let that news stop you!


Moon Rabbit Cookie: First Rabbit on Moon?

By T And J Kids.
달토끼맛 쿠키 newsletter

This Cookie is big it can eat up to more than 75% of the left side of the game. If you don't believe me, look into any YouTube video featuring this Cookie. It'll just eat up the whole screen upon being really full. A rabbit that looks like a moon takes up that whole space, and hence we get the name of Moon Rabbit Cookie.

It was released on September 13, 2016, around the festive Chuseok holidays. International Chocolate Day also takes place on this day, but this Cookie has nothing to do with chocolate. Only mochi, mochi, and more mochi. Basically, the Moon Rabbit is based on the folklore of the Moon rabbit.

All this Cookie would ever do is eat, eat, and more eat. When its green bar is full, all it ever does is bounce, bounce, and more bounce, like Dino-Sour Cookie. However, you can't use the Jumpy Jelly Bouncy Ride and the Prosperity Bracelet of Earth on it, because despite looking like it's in Giant Mode, it is not really in Giant Mode.

Throughout the entire run, this Cookie will constantly change form from a Cookie into a cute-looking bunny. It may seem annoying to some people, but once you understand the background of this Cookie, you will surely admire its looks. It is the second Cookie to come from Dessert Paradise, with the other being Wind Archer Cookie. Sorry to everyone who thought this Cookie actually came from the moon.

This is the first time since Werewolf Cookie that we had another Cookie that could transform into another form. This time, it's not just a simple 'poof' animation to show the other transformation, but the Cookie actually undergoes that transformation right in front of our eyes in the Cookie shop.

Its Pet, Honey Mortar, generates a huge-looking Honey Mochi Jelly that looks like a moon every set interval. Due to that huge size, it can't be collected with Magnetic Aura, but it should be big enough to grab it even without its help. Currently, it holds the record for the most points per jelly in the game, with a whopping 500,000 points! The gap between it and the second highest valued Jelly is enormous, with those Jellies only earning 10,000 points!

Despite that, it is not a popular high scoring Cookie, as Macaron Cookie, Wind Archer Cookie, and Sea Fairy Cookie still are popular in scoring high. However, it might be buffed; who knows?

To unlock this Cookie, you have to have 58 Cookies. Good thing we need a break from unlocking all those Pets! So no worries if you are an avid Cookie collector!

Is It Risky to Be in the Cookie Run Fandom?

By T And J Kids.

I have been in the Cookie Run fandom for around a year already. A year and four months to be exact. And I should say the fandom is neither too big like Phineas and Ferb, nor too small like Tom & Jerry Kids. It is in the comfortable middle that allows for the fans to express their thoughts equally.

But that doesn't mean there will be drama accompanying it. In every fandom you will go, there will be at least one major drama, and the Cookie Run fandom is no exception. The main source of these drama is usually Tumblr due to the heavy amount of "really bad people" in the site. These "really bad people" will be explained below.

SJW - Social Justice Warrior

According to a longtime fan, before the end of 2014, the fandom was quite peaceful. In other words, there was little or no drama at that time. However, when Snow Sugar Cookie was first released, people started debating over the Cookie's gender, since its gender was ambiguous and no gender was specified in its description. Even its appearance and clothing looked ambitious. The "really bad people," one of them being the social justice warriors (SJWs), swarmed in, and defended this personality of a Cookie. Anyone who rejected this ambiguous gender or said this Cookie looked like a male or a female would have to face the wrath of these people, often calling this rejection "transphobic blasphemy."

It had gotten even worse with the release of Peppermint Cookie, Cinnamon Cookie, and the changing of Angel Cookie's gender. If anyone gave it a gender, then these SJWs would lash out at them. An example would be like "Hmm... I think this Cookie looks like a girl with those eyelashes" or "This Cookie looks like a boy because of whatever they have," and the SJWs would say that appearance does not match gender, and even male Cookies have eyelashes.

It is impossible, from the other fans' points of view, to win an argument over an SJW. Their beliefs are strong enough to empower an anti-SJW or someone who doesn't know what an SJW is. Therefore, it's best to not state any gender-threatening (from an SJW's point of view) statements in any social media you post.

Headcanon Drama

Every fan has the right to express their own headcanons and ships. Whether it will go against another person's headcanons or ships, or whether it is just stupid and crazy, everyone is free to express what they feel a certain Cookie should have or go along with. Even I have my own headcanons and ships, and I don't blame anyone who goes against my own wishes.

However, some are just too sensitive when it comes to a particular headcanon or ship. Mostly those headcanons are assigning a particular race to a certain Cookie or shipping a pair that is highly frowned upon in the fandom. An example of such a ship is Mint Choco Cookie and Cocoa Cookie. Many people support this ship, but some others do not agree with this ship. Some of these people might be too sensitive that they might lash out at the person who shared their opinions about the ship.

This is one of the longest-lasting dramas that happen in the fandom, with a lifespan of up to one week. However, it is not as harsh as the final problem mentioned below.

NSFW (Not Safe for Work) Artists

Most people do not like NSFW artwork due to... you know. It just makes the minors of the fandom more unsafe if they are shown these kinds of artwork.

Most of the time, you do not see NSFW artwork on Twitter because of how the site functions. On Tumblr, there is a specific tag created especially for those artwork to separate it from the main tag so that the minors would not see them (unless they go to that tag!). You would have to be really careful in DevaintArt, because some people would not care to mark their artwork as mature content!

However, I have noticed on Tumblr that if a NSFW artist posts their artwork on the main tag, then the other fans backlash them for making other fans unsafe. I have noticed that too, and I just block the NSFW artist after that.

Yet, not all NSFW artists are said to be mean. Someone has said that an NSFW artist friend may not be a horrible person like most people would assume. Rather, they said that they are just old enough to draw this type of artwork. If there is something that triggered them, they could just ignore it and try to think of something else.

In conclusion, it is up to you to choose whether to join the fandom or just stay within the premises of the game (and checking the wiki obviously for tips and tricks!). You want to share your thoughts with the world, or face the backlash of the many fans you might encounter.

If you ever come across these people, please be sure to interact in a way that will not stir up any drama. If you feel they are disturbing you, please block that person, especially the NSFW artists, so that you don't have to face the works they create if you are a minor or you feel unsafe in the fandom.

And if anyone categorizes themselves as these people, if you feel this article is disturbing or offending you in any way, please personally contact me so that I will remove this article from the newsletter.

All About Cookie Run Memes

By T And J Kids.

What's the 21st century to be without parodies of viral trends spreading around the Internet? There are millions of them within the Internet, some funny, some surprising. Even Cookie Run is involved with memes. They are the foundation of the Cookie Run fandom, which the well-known fans being the most knowledgeable about memes.

There is no major meme (like Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) related to Cookie Run. Rather, there are existing memes with Cookie Run added to it. Most of them involve a screenshot of a funny incident in the game with a caption added to it, or an image macro with Cookie Run screenshots as the main image. Even the photo edits that I made are considered memes.

Do You Know Where to Find These Memes?

I'm glad you asked. The Cookie Run fandom on Tumblr and Twitter are the hub of Cookie Run memes. However, I'll be using Tumblr most of the time. Here are some examples of the fandom applying Cookie Run to memes.

Here are some examples of memes that I have created. Most of them are image macros.

Memes are so popular that the official Cookie Run Facebook page had once hosted a meme contest with merchandise as the prizes. However, since the Facebook page is now discontinued, there is no solid proof that a meme contest has existed. However, that event is still fresh in my memory, so I'll explain everything here.

  • 1st place: a picture of Vampire Cookie is accompanied with a caption saying "Wine? Wine not."
  • 2nd place: Angel Cookie and Devil Cookie replace Buzz Lightyear and Woody respectively. I forgot what the caption was though.
  • 3rd place: there are two winners in this position.
    • Muay Thai Cookie replaces the Computer Kid in this image macro, and the caption is "Hit any key to continue."
    • Nyan Fluffy Cheese Cat! Cheesecake Cookie makes a cameo appearance.

OK, Got It.

Got it? Good. This is one of the many ways that you can get along with the Cookie Run fandom, with the better your understanding of memes and jokes, the better you reputation in the fandom may be. I don't know actually, but I hope you will understand more about these funny images that circulate around the Cookie Run fandom on the Internet.

The Benefits of Sprite Sheets (and in HD!)

By T And J Kids.

You may notice that, here in the Cookie Run Wiki, we upload the sprite sheets of every single Cookie and Pet. Before September 2015, I did not understand what were the sprite sheets for and how they can be used. After that month, I finally understood some various purposes of sprite sheets, besides just laying down every single motion of the Cookie on a .png file.

What Are Sprite Sheets?

The sprite sheets are .png files of every single movement the Cookie or Pet makes in the game. Using that file as well as a .plist code file, the Cookie or Pet can then come to life.

Sprite sheets are very important to the game. If there is a bug regarding the visual game play, the misalignment of sprite sheets and/or miscoding of the code files are to blame. If a sprite sheet is missing, it may not appear in-game. Therefore, any of these bugs will end up with the game not working properly.

What Are the Benefits of It?

Aside from setting the structure of the game, there are other benefits of having them outside of the game. These include sprite edits, photo edits, reference guides, and, to a lesser extent, sprite sheet animations.

Make Sprite Edits Out of Them

This the most popular way of using sprite sheets at the moment. People gather some Cookie sprite sheets to create edits that mostly symbolize their relationship towards each other. In other words, sprite edits are used to emphasize certain "ships." The cover photo of this issue is an example of a sprite edit.

Some complex sprite edits also include the background taken from the episode articles here in the wiki. Other issues include these kinds of sprite edits. The sprite edit can also further be more complex using effects from Photoshop.

I have created some of these, but I am not sure whether I still have them or not. Maybe I should check afterwards...

If you are interested in making a sprite edit, Tumblr user nyasshole has created a very informal tutorial on sprite edits here.

Make Photo Edits Out of Them

This one of the most common ways I use sprite sheets. Most people would grab the shop sprite sheet of the Cookie and lazily put it on top of someone's face. A more complex version is using the Cookie's sprite sheet and placing that on top of someone else's face, which I normally refer to as "face edits." It can be more complex even further by eliminating the original face entirely from a screencap using Photoshop tools.

My photo edits are not that popular, but they will also not mean a thing if you have not/are not a fan of the original source of the screencap. Some of the photo edits that I am most proud of are one of the most complicated to execute include the following:

Some of the following photo edits all refer to either Tom and Jerry Kids or Droopy, Master Detective:

The following photo edits are all simple:

Use Them as a Reference

What's an artist got to do when he or she needs a particular pose to use as a reference on? Without the sprite sheet, and only the shop sprite sheet, it will be useless. Some parts of the Cookie that cannot be seen in the shop sprite sheet will remain a mystery. Thank goodness for those apps that let you see the files and therefore get the sprite sheets in stunning HD! Well, not really stunning, but enough to look into all the details.

Make Stop-Motion Animations Out of Them

This is actually one of the most complicated and most underrated out of all the methods mentioned here. Not only does it require skill in video editing, but it also requires hours of analysis on the movement of the Cookies. It's that complicated if you want to be accurate, bur if you want a messy, inaccurate stop-motion animation using only sprite sheets, go ahead. I'll teach you how to make them more accurate later.

I have actually done some animations using only sprite sheets before. Here are some that I have already done, posted on Tumblr (since I don't want to post on YouTube):

Another user has created a stop-motion animation, but this is a little more simple than my videos above:

Simple animation can be rendered with even the simplest video editors! Heck, you can even use Photoshop to create the animations! I used that after I found out it has video creating capabilities. To study the movements of the Cookie of your choice though, look up YouTube videos of your Cookie, or if you want a clearer view (although it may be choppy and some frames will be missing), record yourself playing with that Cookie. Accurate movements also bring more appreciative results.

And One More Use...


Fan Art of the Month

Spotlight on: Moon Rabbit Cookie


Merchandise Updates

No new merchandise this month, but the official Cookie Run Mall Twitter account has posted a teaser tweet related to a partnership with Cookie Run and Remicone.

Don't know what a Remicone is? It's an ice cream parlor shop in Seoul, South Korea that is somewhat like a lab for ice cream. It comes up with original and creative mixtures for their products.

This is not the first time they have done this. Previously, Cookie Run and Remicone have partnered to create a very unique ice cream related to Snow Sugar Cookie, Brave Cookie, and Buttercream Choco Cookie. And my, it looks delicious!

Remicone and Cookie Run

Since the original Cookie Run Facebook page is now discontinued, the only source left that uploaded this image is Cookie Run Updates.

I wonder what Remicone is up to now with their upcoming design. What would it be...?

Questions to Discuss

Note the fan art and merchandise questions will always be the same. If you answered, you don't need to answer unless you have different ideas.
  1. Moon Rabbit Cookie
    1. Over the past month, there has been speculation that Cookie Run will be discontinued after some months due to how the new season was structured. So far, no new Cookie has been released. Do you think Devsisters will make more updates for Cookie Run? Please note this question was created on October 18.
  2. Cookie Run Fandom: Risky?
    1. What are some major issues that have happened throughout your time in the fandom? Do you think these issues were caused by one of these three problems? Explain why or why not.
    2. Based on the article provided, do you think it is risky for newcomers to interact with the fandom? What are some tips you would like to give newcomers about the fandom in general?
  3. Cookie Run Memes
    1. Besides the types of memes listed above, what other kinds of memes related to Cookie Run do you know?
    2. Create a meme related to Cookie Run. What do you think will be the main subject of your meme?
  4. Benefits of Sprite Sheets
    1. What do you mainly use sprite sheets for? Do you have any other uses for it?
    2. Do you think I should make a tutorial on how to make the following: a) photo edits b) face swaps c) sprite sheet animations d) all of the three? Why or why not?
  5. Fan Art
    1. Do you have any underrated fan art that we would like to feature in next month's issue? Please comment below!
    2. Do you love to make artwork of Cookie Run? If so, please comment below with your artwork, which will be featured in next month's issue!
  6. Merchandise
    1. Do you wish to see more merchandise in the future? If so, specify the type of merchandise you would like to see as well as the Cookie(s) that will go with it.