So today, Devsisters have announced that they are going to rotate the Treasure Draw Season. These changes will occur on March 4, at 11PM (GMT+9). So, according to the notices we can see in-game, these are the treasures that is not going to be available in the next Treasure Draw Season, including what's new in the "removed" list.

S Rank Treasures

There are now 31 S Rank Treasures that are not going to be available on the next Treasure Draw Season, up from 26 Treasures from the current one. 23 of the 31 treasures are new treasures that are currently available in the current season.

Apparently, the crystal-generating treasure chances stays the same, which means what was disabled in the current season will still be disabled in the next season, and what's available will still be available.

A Rank Treasures

Here are the new treasures that are not available on the next treasure draw season, in which all of them were new. There are now 8 treasures that are not available, up from 6 in the current season.

List of Re-appearing Treasures

Now for the fun part, here are the S Rank treasures that are going to make a comeback in the next Treasure Draw Season, so you can re-take these in March 4:

The A Rank treasures that were removed in the current season will all make a comeback in this season:

So... yeah. The NEW treasures are going to be disabled in the Next Treasure Draw Season, so be sure to take them while you can before March 4! Afterwards, you can collect the treasures listed that made a comeback. Happy Running!

Source: LINE Cookie Run Notice

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