Quote1 Don't come close, I'll hurt you! Quote2
―Werewolf Cookie

Werewolf Cookie is an S-Grade Cookie that was released on March 27, 2015 together with Furball Pup. This cookie has a similar power as Hero Cookie or Muay Thai Cookie, in that at certain periods of time he will transform into an invincible form.


He turns into a wolf for a set period of time and he transforms more frequently when his Energy is low. Gets extra points for destroying obstacles. Please be careful because he can fall into holes when if he is turned into a wolf. With upgrades, his transformation is more frequent and gets extra points for destroying obstacles.


When the cookie was being baked, there was a wolf hair mixed in the ingredients. And whenever he feels scared or threatened, his wolf instinct kicks in and he transforms into a feral beast. One day, one of his friends was in danger, and he saved him after transforming and revealing his true self to the villagers of the town he lived in. He was cast away out of fear and has been living alone since then. Do his eyes hold any traces of his former self? No one knows.


His transformation speed actually depends on his Energy level. When his Energy is high, he will take longer time to transform. However, the spawning time before the cookie transforms again will gradually became faster proportionally to the remaining Energy left. It is not unusual for Werewolf Cookie to transform within seconds when he is almost out of Energy. He will continue running in his werewolf form even if he is out of Energy, as he is unable to die in this form, but will immediately faint after changing back. This may be enough for you to nab a Giant Energy Potion that is just out of reach, though.

The cookie also runs faster while transforming. This in turn helps him to run further and destroy more obstacles in the way. The speed seems to still remain the same regardless of Energy level. In addition, his energy drains 25% slower in the werewolf form.

The cookie also will be slightly bigger than the usual cookie's size while transforming, helping him to reach more obstacles to hit or jellies to collect. However, despite the larger size, he still can fall into even the smallest hole. When the werewolf form destroys an obstacle, 30,000 extra points will be given (no extra points in the cookie form).

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
140 Wolf Transformation Lv. 1 N/A
144 Wolf Transformation Lv. 2 Coin 00132,000
148 Wolf Transformation Lv. 3 Coin 00135,000
152 Wolf Transformation Lv. 4 Coin 00138,000
156 Wolf Transformation Lv. 5 Coin 00140,000
160 Wolf Transformation Lv. 6 Coin 00143,000
160 Wolf Transformation Lv. 7 Coin 00151,000
160 Wolf Transformation Lv. 8 Coin 00159,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Pet Combi Bonus
Furball Pup
Furball Pup (S) Extra points for all Jellies
Jelly Scale
Jelly Scale (S) Obtains coins for destroying obstacles

Loading MessagesEdit

  • Don't make me angry...
  • Get away.. or you'll get hurt...
  • I don't want to cause you pain...
  • Have you ever been terrified of yourself?
  • It's too much! Leave me be!
  • I cannot say I'm not too lonely...
  • If you get in my way, I'll have to...
  • The monster inside of me may hurt you...
  • Sometimes my scars ache...
  • I don't know which side of me is real..

Updates Edit

No recorded updates.


  • Werewolf Cookie generates more points for destroying obstacles while transformed. It also applies to pets and treasures that destroy obstacles such as the Jellyco Cube and Jellyco Cube's Lost Jellyco.
  • Werewolf Cookie can have the slowest and fastest charging green bar in the game depending on his Energy. When it is full, it takes a very long time to charge fully but when he's almost out of Energy it fills up almost instantaneously.
  • Cookies don't die when they are in the air, even if their energy is at zero. Additionally, Werewolf Cookie doesn't die when he's in his Werewolf form even if his Energy is zero. When Werewolf Cookie was released in the Kakao version, players used treasures that increases Jump count such as Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf or Caramel Chocolate Energy Bar and kept Werewolf Cookie up in the air long enough for him to transform into Werewolf form before landing. When he is almost out of Werewolf form, they would have him jump into the air long enough for him to transform again. Using this technique players will essentially have an "infinite" run with Werewolf Cookie. You can see an example here. It has since been fixed by limiting the jump count for Werewolf Cookie.
  • There was no relay icon for Werewolf Cookie anywhere in the game at one time. This was likely a bug or an oversight. However, this has since been fixed.
  • According to the Kakao description and the Japanese LINE description, his main ingredient is black pepper.
  • During the Halloween Party 2015, he dressed up as Dr Jekyll (Cookie form) and Mr Hyde (Werewolf form).
  • He's the third cookie that transform in the Cookie Shop, the others being Hero Cookie and Ninetales Cookie.


Audio GalleryEdit





Werewolf Transformation (Start)Edit

Werewolf TransformStart

Werewolf Transformation (Jumping)Edit

Werewolf TransformJump

Werewolf Transformation (Sliding)Edit

Werewolf TransformSlide

Werewolf Transformation (When destroying obstacle)Edit

Werewolf CrashObstacle

Werewolf Transformation (End)Edit

Werewolf TransformEnd

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