White Gold Drop's Pure Gold Bar is an S-grade treasure obtained by upgrading the Package Deals exclusive pet, White Gold Drop, to Level 8. This treasure serves as a marginally better version of Gold Drop's Pure Gold Bar, by up to 2%.

Equipped EffectEdit

With upgrades, 8-13% Coin Bonus


Little pieces of white gold were melted down in the magic oven and reshaped into this rich bar!


Level Skill Effect Coin Upgrade Cost Crystal Upgrade Cost
0 8% Coin Bonus N/A N/A
+1 8.5% Coin Bonus 17,000 Coin 001 15 CookieRunCrystal
+2 9% Coin Bonus 21,000 Coin 001 19 CookieRunCrystal
+3 9.5% Coin Bonus 25,000 Coin 001 23 CookieRunCrystal
+4 10% Coin Bonus 27,000 Coin 001 27 CookieRunCrystal
+5 10.5% Coin Bous 29,000 Coin 001 31 CookieRunCrystal
+6 11% Coin Bonus 31,000 Coin 001 35 CookieRunCrystal
+7 11.5% Coin Bonus 33,000 Coin 001 39 CookieRunCrystal
+8 12% Coin Bonus 35,000 Coin 001 43 CookieRunCrystal
+9 13% Coin Bonus 38,000 Coin 001 47 CookieRunCrystal

Trivia Edit

  • The treasure image is a rehash of Gold Drop's Pure Gold Bar, but has no color/the color is changed to platinum.
  • Although it may be a better version of Gold Drop's Pure Gold Bar, it has no treasure evolution.
  • This is the only treasure that came from leveling up a Pet that came from a different grade. This is no longer true since White Gold Drop has been changed to S-Grade.
  • Excluding treasures that came from the Supreme Treasure Chest, this treasure has the most percentage for a Coin Bonus with no penalty.

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